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Setting up Microsoft Outlook for Android

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You can connect your Freethought hosted email to your Android by using Outlook app via IMAP so you can access and send emails wherever you are. Using IMAP means that all your devices are in sync, when you read a device on your phone it will be read on your computer and vice versa.

Step 1:
If you haven’t already downloaded & installed Outlook, you can click here to open the Play Store.

Step 2: The first time you open Outlook, you’ll see a screen like the one below. Tap on "Add Account".

Step 3: Enter your full email address associated with the account you want to add and tap on "Continue".



Step 4: From the list of common account types, tap on "IMAP".


Step 5: Please configure your hostname, port, and encryption as below (you need to do it twice for both Incoming and Outgoing sections).
You can generally just use your own domain as the server hostname for incoming and outgoing.

To proceed, tap the ✔ mark in the top right corner.


Step 6: In case you see a screen like below, it means that your account's settings are accepted.



Click on "Maybe later" and start using your email account.

That's it! Your email account should now be setup and working 🙂

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