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Dedicated vs Shared IP

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All websites exist on one or more IP addresses. In years gone past there was a differentiation between a shared IP with many websites on it all hosted on the same platform, and a dedicated IP that is used only by one customer. There were technical and aesthetic reasons that some sites preferred a dedicated IP, and to this day there remain some reasons for a dedicated IP around email sending. However, there is no technical reason these days that a website cannot exist solely on a shared IP address, particularly with regard to SSL/TLS.


When purchasing hosting from Freethought, customers will no longer be presented with the option to purchase a dedicated IP address. Once provisioned shared hosting will be allocated to a shared IPv4 address and either a shared or a dedicated IPv6 address. Where customers have a requirement for a dedicated IP then please contact support once the order is accepted.


With regard to email, even with a dedicated IP address, email will not originate from a dedicated IP on a shared hosting plan and will always be sent from the primary IP on the server on which an account is hosted so purchasing, or requesting to purchase a dedicated IP will not impact email deliverability in anyway.

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