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Backups and statutory requests

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  • 21/10/2021 09:50

Freethought operates off-site backups for services we provide with the exception of unmanaged virtual and dedicated servers. Under General Data Protection Regulations individuals have the right to correct and have erased personal information about them, this poses a problem with offsite backups though because backups by their very nature are immutable, i.e. cannot be changed.

In the event that Freethought or our customers receive a statutory request to correct and erase personal information those changes will be acted upon within a reasonable timescale, however, there will be up to 60 days delay before those changes are reflected in the totality of the backups that Freethought maintain.

We cannot modify individual parts of data within backups, nor can we selectively erase portions of backups, they are immutable. We consider a 60-day delay for changes to be reflected through our systems reasonable. You should ensure that if your service is backed up by Freethought that this information is reflected in your privacy policy.

Important - Freethought urges you to seek independent legal advice on this matter, we make no guarantees as to the accuracy and applicability of the information provided.

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