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Is Freethought a data controller or data processor?

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  • 21/10/2021 09:49

Within the definitions of the General Data Protection Regulations, there are two roles, data controller and data processor. In a very simplified explanation of these roles in the context of web hosting, the data controller is the person or organisation that determines what personal information is being collected and why. The data processor is the person or organisation that processes that personal information, i.e. stores it, secures it, erases it etc.

As a customer of Freethought, you are the data controller for the personal information you collect about your customers and site visitors, only you determine what you collect via your website and applications that we host for you. Freethought however is a data processor for the personal information you collect, although this role is shared with you as well. We have an obligation to store, protect, and if necessary correct and erase the personal information that we have on our server within a service that you purchase from us.

In your privacy policy you should make sure that you inform your customers, visitors, employees, and anyone else you store personal information about that you have third party processing via Freethought Internet and if you wish link to our privacy policy.

Important - Freethought urges you to seek independent legal advice on this matter, we make no guarantees as to the accuracy and applicability of the information provided.

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