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How to stage WordPress in cPanel

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Staging your website can be extremely useful when you need to apply updates or make a change to your website but do not wish to apply that change to your live instance, staging allows you to create a copy of the existing live website and make the changes you need, once you have made all your changes on your staged website and all is successful you can use the Push To Live feature to apply any changes from the staging website to your live website.

To stage your installation of WordPress in cPanel you will first need to scroll down to the software section and click "WordPress Manager by Softacluous".


Click the arrow to the far right of the WordPress installation you would like to stage.


Once the WordPress installation has expanded click the "Staging" button at the bottom.


When setting the "In Directory" please remember that the directory is relative to your domain and should not exist, leaving this blank may overwrite your existing WordPress installation so please make sure this field is filled in.

Once you are happy with your installation details and site setting you can click the "Create Staging" button.

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