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Connecting with FTP

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Once your hosting is set up you will no doubt want to upload files to your account. This can be done in one of two ways, via the file browser in the hosting control panel or via FTP. This article will describe how to connect via FTP.

Most FTP clients will ask for some basic information to connect, this is the information you need:


You can use your own domain as the hostname, for example, or you can use the server hostname. To find the server hostname connect to your hosting control panel (Plesk or cPanel) and then in the address bar you'll see the hostname, it will look something like The hostname is also in the welcome email that you received when you signed up for the hosting service.


By default, we set up an FTP account with the same username that you use to login to the control panel (this will be in your welcome email), but you can also create FTP users in Plesk or cPanel so if you are giving FTP access to someone else you don't have to give them the main administrative login.


For the default account, your password will be the same as your cPanel or Plesk login, you may also find this in your welcome email. If you have changed the password or set up an additional FTP account, then please use that password instead.


Use port 21 for FTP, this is the standard FTP port.


For most of our hosting services, we require a secure FTP connection. You should therefore enable TLS/SSL when given the option, this is sometimes called "Explicit FTP over TLS". If given the option you are looking for "explicit" TLS and not "implicit".

When connecting you may receive a message asking you to acknowledge the server's SSL certificate, you should choose the option to accept this. You can sometimes save this so it doesn't ask you every time.

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