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All pricing on the Freethought website includes any applicable sales tax, the exact amount of tax you have been charged will vary depending on your billing address and whether you are a company or an individual. Depending on your own tax registration status you may be able to claim this tax back.

  • If you are in the United Kingdom you will be charged the standard VAT rate of 20% 
  • If you are located within the European Union and are a consumer or non-VAT registered company, you will be charged VAT at your own local VAT rate.
  • If you are located anywhere else in the world you will not be charged tax.

Note, the amount you pay will be the same regardless of where you are or your tax status. Our advertised prices are inclusive of any sales tax, if you do not pay tax because you are not in the EU or UK then the amount you will be charged remains the same but no portion of it will be diverted to any particular nation's tax authority.

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