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Debit or credit card declined

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If your credit or debit card has been declined we are often unable to determine the precise reason why this has happened, however, there are some common causes for a card to be declined. If these common causes are not able to solve your problem you should contact your card issuer for further advice before contacting us for support.

Your postal or zip code is not valid

We verify the postal code of every card payment we take with the card issuer, this allows us to dramatically cut down the number of fraudulent transactions that are made on our site. The most common cause for a card to be declined is that the postal code we have on file does not match the one that your bank has for you. To update your contact details follow these steps:
  1. To update your address details visit
  2. If you specify a separate billing contact on the above link, update your billing contact at
  3. Clear your saved card details and re-enter your payment card information at

Insufficient funds

Another common cause of a card being declined is that your bank has indicated you have insufficient funds to complete the transaction. You should contact your bank to verify you have a sufficient balance available on your card for the payment you are taking. We are unable to assist you in this instance.

Your card is a foreign pre-paid card

We are a company based in the United Kingdom, there are instances where foreign pre-paid Visa or Mastercard cards are unable to be processed due to restrictions placed on those cards relating to international payments. If your card is a pre-paid card then you should try a regular debit or credit card as your pre-paid card issuer may not allow international transactions. If you don't have another card you could instead attempt to make payment using the card via PayPa or bank transfer. 

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